Argan Oil Benefits for Skin

Argan Oil is famous for its anti-aging and skin regenerating effects, as it is rich in antioxidants, sterols and Omega
fatty acids that naturally hydrates the skin, boosts collagen levels and stimulates skin renewal. The results mean firmer
more supple skin with reduced wrinkles. Argan Oil is also a natural anti-septic & anti-inflammatory and does not block pores.

These are the reasons that Argan Oil is so great for all skin types including problem dry, mature, acne-prone
or sensitive, skin.


Argan Oil is most famous for its natural anti-aging effects on skin and hair.

Being so rich in nutrients, Argan oil conditions the outer layer of skin and supports skin cell renewal, hence
fighting so strongly against the signs of aging.

Argan oil also supports repair of the outer skin layers for improved natural hydration.
Regular use of Argan oil will result in firmer, more supple and youthful looking skin, visibly reducing lines & wrinkles.

Argan Oil is light & non –greasy and can ideally be applied and left on as an overnight treatment.

Dry skin, moisturising & hydrating

Skin is made up of several layers which form a barrier to prevent water loss. Studies have proven that low levels
of essential nutrients causes the breakdown of this protective barrier. As hydration levels drop, dry and cracked skin
can become more of a problem with age.

Similar studies showed that topical creams and oils containing the specific nutrients in Argan oil, significantly
increased skin hydration within 28 days.

As such, Argan Oil makes an excellent natural emollient for dry skin or problems like Eczema. It can be
applied before showering, to dry or problem skin areas, which will prevent exposure to irritating and dehydrating
soap products.

A second lighter application can be applied after drying the skin, which will help with tightening the skin and dehydration
as it dries, but can also be applied to moist or damp skin.

Acne, sensitive skin & blotchy complexions

Spots, acne, blemishes, rashes, bad diet and even candida infections cause bad complexions.
These are skin problems that can lead to hard-to-shift hyperpigmentation, dark spots and permanent scars
such as “pockmarks”.

The best way to a clearer complexion is simply to prevent these problems from occurring.
If your skin is spot-prone or sensitive to other commercial moisturisers then Argan Oil may be the solution.

Argan is “non comedogenic” which means that it does not clog up skin pores – a cause of Acne and spots.
The polyphenols in Argan Oil give it a natural anti-septic effect which helps to prevent spots appearing.

Reducing inflammation and rashes is also important for a clear complexion.
This is where anti-inflammatory Saponins in Argan Oil can be of help to reduces redness and skin irritation.

It is this combination of nutrients that makes Argan Oil an excellent choice for Acne-prone and blotchy skin complexions

Dark marks, hyperpigmentation & skin lightening

Hyperpigmentation and dark spots, whether caused by spots, injury or hormonal causes are difficult to treat.
The increase in melanin production which darkens skin is often a reaction to inflammation.

To speed up fading of marks use a treatment for reducing inflammation in your skin. Argan Oil is ideal for this because it
has a natural anti-inflammatory action which also reduces redness and skin irritation.

Argan Oil is also rich in Vitamin E – a natural antioxidant which has been shown to have de-pigmenting effects on
patches of melanin.

Plant sterols found in culinary Argan Oil and Cosmetic Argan Oil mimic cholesterol.
This helps to prevent loss of epidermal keratinocyte membranes a natural protection against heat, UV radiation
and water loss.

Regular could help protect skin from some of the effects of sunlight the biggest enemy when trying to clear dark
spots and hyperpigmentation.

Damaged skin & minor scars

The effects of natural oils and herbs for stimulating skin renewal, has been the subject of many studies.

Scars caused by damage to the skin, whether from acne, surgery or photo-aging were found to benefit from
treatment with natural oils.
In some cases the healing of wounds was accelerated by up to 44%!

Preventing & healing stretch marks

Many women have found that by applying Argan Oil to skin during pregnancy that stretch marks can be reduced.

This is because it helps to keep skin firm and flexible. This fights the breakdown of collagen and elastins that are the
cause of stretch marks in the skin from pregnancy.

Menopause & skin

The driving factor of changes during menopause is the oestrogen hormone levels decrease.

These hormones have a powerful, natural antioxidant effect.

As this natural anti-oxidant effect decreases it adversely affect the process of collagen and skin fibre production.

This can result in decreased skin elasticity and a loss of collagen of up to 30% in 5 years.

A study of 60 women looked into strengthening the lower anti-oxidant effect using Culinary Argan Oil dietary
supplement and applying cosmetic Argan Oil topically.

They discovered that using nutrients and topical applications improved skin's elasticity.

Treatment with Argan Oil supplement also increased the levels of natural anti-oxidants in the bloodstream
of post-menopausal women. The result is more messages to the cells fibroblasts to produce more collagen and elastic fibres.